Kids Out is a charity that gives disadvantaged children living in refuges across the UK exciting memories to cherish. Our London staff have volunteered at the KidsOut Trolley Dash and take part in the Giving Tree every year.


KidsOut Trolley Dash

In February 2019, our volunteers collected toys from stallholders who were kindly willing to donate toys from their stalls. This year, the Trolley Dash took place during the Toy Fair event at Olympia Kensington.

We were lucky to be part of this event at Olympia Kensington for the Annual Trolley Dash. Stallholders of the Toy Fair event donated toys from their stalls and we collected 4000 toys for the children.” Nikki Barrett-Browne
The event was extremely rewarding and it was fantastic to know that you are helping children who are not as privileged as most.” Andrew Shepherd

Giving Tree

Liberty buys 250 KidsOut Christmas tree tags to raise money for toys for displaced children spending Christmas in a women’s refuge or for mothers and their children recently re-housed without their belongings.

From July 2018 to June 2019, Liberty provided:

250 Christmas presents