Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research

Over the past few years, Liberty Specialty Markets has made many donations to causes supporting medical research and children’s health, particularly for life-threatening diseases. Recognising that these causes are important to many staff, we have decided to give them more focus within the “portfolio” of charities we support. Action Medical Research is a small UK based charity dedicated to changing the lives of sick children and babies. It currently funds over 60 medical research projects which look for new cures and treatments at leading hospitals, universities and specialist centres across the country.

Crohn's Disease

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We have agreed to fund a specific research project to help find treatments for children suffering from Crohn's disease. There is currently no cure for Crohn's disease and many children have to undergo surgery to remove damaged parts of the bowel within 10 years of their diagnosis.

The research is being led by Dr. James Ashton, who is working on a three-year project into Crohn's disease at Southampton University. Dr Ashton, who received a prestigious Research Training Fellowship from Action, also cares for children at his clinic at Southampton Hospital. He's aiming to find out more about what triggers Crohn's disease and why flare ups occur, and hopes that this work will lead to the development of better treatments.


Through our corporate donations and fundraising activities we have supported Action Medical Research with £52,964.

Our fundraising activities include runners in the London and Paris marathons, with one employee running the entire London Marathon dressed as Action’s mascot, Paddington Bear™! We also held an Action Cream Tea fundraiser, where our employees enjoyed delicious tea and scones.

The power and long-lasting importance of the research funded by Action into the most difficult childhood illnesses is incapsulated in Action’s 67-year history. This aligns perfectly with LSM’s core purpose to help people and communities to prosper in the long-term. We are proud to support the work of Action.” Ralph Stainbank, Casualty Reinsurance Underwriting Manager & Action Medical Research Champion

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