CSR Strategy

Our CSR strategy is based on three themes, steering our efforts to make a tangible difference on the issues that matter most to us.

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“A part of our identity is rooted in a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves; it’s not just about selling insurance. It’s about our people and the communities which we operate in.”

Matthew Moore, CEO

"At Liberty Specialty Markets, we create products and insurance solutions that protect the social and economic development of individuals, communities and businesses across the globe. Our mutual status brings advantages that reduce risk in an unpredictable world. We make time for what matters to our partners, aiming to build supportive relationships over time. In short, our mutuality unlocks opportunities to prosper together.

Our CSR focus is very clear – to support organisations and charities making a difference, both locally and globally. And we take this one step further by encouraging our people to make a difference in their local communities. Our focus on small, local projects runs alongside our support of a handful of more well known, high-profile charities that we believe are making a huge difference to remote or impoverished communities.

I’m incredibly proud of my colleagues who put significant time and energy into volunteering, fundraising and making well informed decisions on where our corporate donations can make a difference. They take their roles very seriously and much of the work they do is over and above their day job.

Furthermore, getting involved in volunteering and fundraising activities is good for team building, creating healthy working relationships and personal development.

The Liberty Speciality Markets CSR programme is wide-ranging and reaches many people and communities, and our employees share my belief that helping our communities to prosper is the right thing to do.

This report highlights some of the key elements of our CSR programme for 2018/2019. It isn’t possible to include all activities but I hope demonstrates Liberty’s determination to make a difference and change lives."

Community Value

By using a framework to measure the value of giving (GivX framework), we know that LSM contributes the equivalent of £484,006 to the community & each employee contributes £678.

community value

Quotes from Liberty employees

The variety of charities bring a wider range range of people willing to volunteer.”
The partners we choose are very, very good at what they do.”
It feels good to be doing something that makes an impact on somebody else's life.”