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    NameExtrusion Granulation System
    Big Capacity Extrusion Granulation Machine
    Output: 4-8tons per hour
    Suitable materials:
    Extrusion granulator is a new type granulator in fertilizer industry, specially used for powder materials such as potassium chloride, ammonium sulfide, Ammonium sulphate, Si, Extrusion granulator Ca, Mg and K. Directly using dry-method extrusion.
    Size of granules:  
    Irregular granule within diameter 2mm~6mm can form, with high-intensity final granules and novel appearance.
    Profile of Equipment:
    This equipment is a granulator without drying process in normal temperature .It has the characteristics of compact structure, reasonable process, advanced technology, non-three-wastes discharge, steadily operation, reliably running, low power consumption, small floor space etc.
    SANNONG Granulation Systems are known for their consistently high quality product while maintaining a high efficiency screening and crushing circuit which maximizes on-size material and minimizes recycle. This way the power consumption is decreased while the throughout is increased. Utilizing world leaders in compactor technology uniquely designed and tested granulators and crushers, state of the art screeners, SANNONG extrusion granulation system offer outstanding performance with any fertilizer.
    Sannong supply normally includes complete process design and plant layout, complete equipments supply including Crushing machine, Bucket elevator, extrusion granulator, Crushing and Screening machine, granular polishing machine and materials coating machine etc.

    Small Size Granulation Machine
    It is suitable for small production requirements.
    Output: 0.8-1.5tons/h
    Raw Materials:
    powder, mixtures of powder such as potassium chloride, ammonium sulfide, Ammonium sulphate, Si, Extrusion granulator Ca, Mg and K. Directly using dry-method extrusion.
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