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    Fertilizer Blending System
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    Qinhuangdao SANNONG Modern Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd
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    China Headquarters: Leah Meng +86 188 3385 7095
    Canada Office: Manager Zhang 001(647)971 8855
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    Blending capacity: 50kg/time
    Production capacity: 10-15tons/hour
    Suitable Raw materials: granular, powder or mixture of powder and granular are available.
    Feeding Method: Gravity FeedingScrew Feeding, Belt Feeding available
    Packaging: 25kg/bag-50kg/bag available
    Batching accuracy ܡ0.2%Packaging accuracy ܡ0.2% 
    Working Humidity: 85%(No frost)
    Kinds of Materials: 4-8 kinds
    Recipes are easy to change according to customers specific requirements
    Q.H.D Sannong Modern Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is a new and high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing bulk blending(BB) fertilizer equipments and have accomplished some national patents which researched and developed by ourself. Now we have two series products: Single Bag Batching and Floor Batching system .the ideal combination of its specical structure design and the equipped high performance control system helps fulfill all the actions in batching, blending and packaging processes. Besides, it also sovles the split-flow phenomenon of blended materials and improve the batching precision. The control instruments and executive components of this system are all high performance imported products, solving the influences of materials characteristics , mechanical vibration,atmosphere, volt fluctuation and cold weather to the system. This system is characterized by high precision , high speed, and long service life.


    Advanced technologies:

    The first-class product is designed on the basis of global advanced technologies. And it is the only specialized equipment for BB fertilizer production, which combines batching ,blending and packaging together. Because of compact construction and quick materials blending speed, time for materials to contact air is short , so it is not easy for fertilizer to absorb moisture and get damp. As a result, the influences of air moisture to the BB fertilizer production are remarkably reduced.

    Scientific processes:

    This production line combines batching, blending and packaging and is able to fulfill batching and packaging for materials with any measuring range from 20kg to 50kg. And overcomes the spliting phenomenon induced by the differences in materials specific gravities and gralunaries in the flowing down process ,which improve the precision of batching and packaging ,and reduce the content loss of BB fertilizer (for other equipments, an aditional 0.5 content is often needed).Also, This system can fulfill automatic batching and blending many kinds of materials.

    Lower Investment

    Because this system combines batching. blending and packaging together, it avoids material and blended material lift repeatly. And the equipment investment is reduced for customer. In addition, because of its small size, reasonable structure, small floor space and convenient operation, investment of warhouse is also reduced.

    Cost Save

    Duo to advanced technologies and reasonable structure the system has low equipment power(less than 12KW) and energy consumption(electricity consumptation is in the range of 0.3-0.5 Kwh for one ton fertilizer production). And aslo it can save the manpower (normally need 4 to 6 workers excluding transport)and bring down the production cost.

    Long Service Life

    This system is made from stainless steel and imported components and it is ordinarily operate at the north ultra-cold area(under the lowest temperature of -38)and  the southern humid areas, which effectively certify stable performance , low failure rate and long service life for this product line.


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